By Abdulahad Khan 968002
#152345 Anyone want to make the flytampa (freeware) Boston scenery compatible with FSX for me? :D :wink:

Btw I tried the fs9 version on FSX and I worked, execpt I had a lot of white strips on the scenery!! How can i fix that (and i checked on the Flytamp website)?

im guessing its just the Elevation problem? Cant I just fix that myself in G-max or SDK or something?

By Abdulahad Khan 968002
#152352 You dare me!? lol jk but arent flytampa (the boston scenery creator) a user? We have a lot of programmer here, did u guys try?
By Alexander Nolting 887789
#152353 You need to hack the addon BGL files to devide the big lengthy bitmaps with some more small tiny bitmaps. Better the original author uses his XML definition files for an update. Decompiling and recompiling introduces much more problems than solving anything.