By Gergely Kosa 837744
#191246 Hi friends,

The final version of Dolomynum, a lightweight tool to show network traffic (similar to Servinfo) has been released. Check for info and download.

Thanks all people who made this possible.

Kind regards,

PS. Please do not use this thread for bug reports and requests. E-mail the author instead.
By Gergely Kosa 837744
#192752 An issue that didn't make it in the manual: if you get an 'Error unzipping data' on VISTA, download msvcr71.dll (available also for and place it in the dlmn folder.

By James O Grady 904153
#192753 Great job Gergely! :)

I've found myself using Dolomynum very frequently now for seeing whos online because of how fast it loads data and how accurate it is too over other similar clients, so I'd reccommend anyone to give it a try.
By Gergely Kosa 837744
#223560 Hi all,

I proudly report that Dolomynum has recently passed 10000 downloads.

If you compare this to the usage of other similar software (like servinfo with 300000 downloads), it's nothing. But if you compare it to number of active members, and take into account that it was never advertised much, and it's not a recommended software by staff, it's quite a lot.

The top dlmn users: 1. France (22% of all users!), 2. Germany (13%), 3. Spain (8%), 4. Hungary (where dlmn came from), 5. USA, 6. UK, 7. Poland, 8. Netherlands 9. Austria, 10. Belgium.

Don't forget to spread the word about Dolomynum! Next aim: 25000! :)

Kind regards,
By Clarke Kruger 847916
#223585 Excellent work.
One small request for a future update.

In regards to speed and Altitude, being one of the many Concorde drivers, I've noticed that we always seem to max the tapes out.
Since we can fly at an altitude of 60,000 with a speed in excess of 1160 kts.
Would it be possible to bump the max settings a little higher to accommodate the Concorde?

Again thanks for all the great work.

By Ed Tomlinson 1014292
Gergely Kosa 837744 wrote:... and it's not a recommended software by staff...

Without hesitation, here is my nomination to add Dolomynum 1.1.x to the VATSIM "Approved Software " list!

Any seconds?
By Gergely Kosa 837744
#232907 Hi all,

Version 1.2.0 'Watcher of the Skies' is out; to download it, visit or search for avsim.

New features:
- Updated airspace and geographical data
- SkyWard mode (creates lists and statistics of online data - redundant for VATSIM users, as they already have VatAware)
- Able to access local whazzup.txt (e.g. for LAN parties)
- Weather info card (request a METAR in the Companion to display it, press W to hide it)
- You can request now METAR via the Airport Traffic page (click on the WX button in the upper right), and icao flight plan via the Pilot Popup (click on the button in the upper right)
- Color schemes now have distinct entry for Observers; some new schemes
- Some improvements under the hood, and some minor glitches fixed

This version does NOT access VATBOOK data yet; but it is planned for the next version.

Kind regards,
By Marc Riedel 837945
#233015 Gergely, thanks for you work and exemplary ongoing support for us user!
By Georg Aubele 887954
#233260 I second the words of Marc!

Thanks, Gergely - you made a stunning piece of software and the words
This version does NOT access VATBOOK data yet; but it is planned for the next version.
make me look forward to this next version. This is a option really needed by a lot of VATSIM members. Thanks for your ongoing support!
By Alexander Cohrs 899395
#233265 Gergely,

just tested the new version yesterday - it's amazing! Thank you very much for your great work.

Now it fits perfectly for me: When controlling via ES on my windows partition, I use DLMN, when flying with X-Plane on my Mac, I use QuteScope - great!

By Gergely Kosa 837744
#233756 Thanks for all your kind replies. :)

Version 1.2.0 was downloaded more than 1000 times since it was released a few days ago. Thanks for the support!