By Michael Green 1029827
#255208 I would like some advice on what payware aircraft would be the best choice for me? I run FSX with UTX, GEX Enhanced and nHancer. FSX runs good on my system,Target fps are set at 25 and I can get that consistently, fps go down to 18-20 in large city/airport areas. I have only used default and a few freeware aircraft so far, I would like to purchase my first payware aircraft. I am interested in a business Jet, regional jet or mid range jet (ex. 737). Not interested at this time in the large jets (ex. 747). Any opinons would be appreciated. Thanks.
By Benjamin Van Eps 987241
#255246 There regional jet market in my opinion is rather limited - there are several jets out there but they lack the VC quality that I am after.

My hanger contains

1) Carenado Mooney M20J (with HD VC cockpit from Russell White)
2) Aerosoft Piper Cheyenne X
3) Aerosoft Do-27

Those are my hot GA craft right now. I have been working my way through the Level D 767.
Eaglesoft makes a decent regional jet but the VC is too flat for me.