By Caleb Gessmann 1118955
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I have wondered this since day 1.

Why doesnt VATSIM use CTAF over comms??

As a pilot usually flying huge 747-8's or 763's, it is very hard, and just sometimes annoying to type in where you are.

I know SB4 doesnt automatically connect you to the voice channels of the unicom (yes, I was disecting FSINN lol) but FSINN does, is that the problem?? My second guess would be because of bandwith of the voice server.

I hope to see a voiced CTAF/Unicom come out soon; This would add a large advantage to VATSIM's relism.

I have been flying in VATSIM for 3 months (sighned up for about a year, never could figure out VATSIM, but got off my lazy but and read it and connected sucessfully lol) and it is the BEST thing in the flight simulator community. Being a student pilot, the first sighn on was'nt hard for me, but I cant say how much I enjoy Vatsim!! I do everything by the books, FMC, preflight, starting from cold & dark etc.

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By Thomas Mathieu 998318
#347920 There are many posts and discussions about this topic. Please do a search in this forum for voice unicom.
By Sean Harrison 870618
#347969 Caleb,

Come on down to VATOCE. We use unicom and CTAF voice. We have nice FSInn and SB add-ons that allow autoconnection to the voice room appropriate.

122.800 in the VATPAC geographic area will have you in the /unicom-au voice room.

Tune to the real world CTAF freq at am airport and you will be in the voice room /YXXX which is the ICAO for the particular airport.

Works very well, and at least you add another dimension to the online experience.
By Sean Harrison 870618
#347985 I've never seen X-Plane. But any program that can join a voice room manually can participate, no hurdles, no restrictions, just enjoyment. Choose your favourite server for voice and then join /Unicom-au or /unicom_KZLA or /unicom_KZOA or /unicom_KZTL etc etc etc. As for CTAFs our standard for the voice room is favserver/ICAO.

Of course we always have 122.800 tuned on COM1, or on the appropriate CTAF freq on COM1 and 122.800 on COM2. This ensures that we have and recieve text.

I'm a gifted person in relation to Speech and Hearing, and choose to utilise the gifts God gave me.
By Ross Carlson 887155
Sean Harrison 870618 wrote:Of course we always have 122.800 tuned on COM1, or on the appropriate CTAF freq on COM1 and 122.800 on COM2. This ensures that we have and recieve text.

This makes it sound like you don't *transmit* on text ...
By Wade Williams 877539
Keith Smith 879675 wrote:And how does all of that work with xplane?

Currently, it doesn't.

I had no idea we had a VATSIM division that allows Unicom voice until about a month ago when I was contacted about adding this functionality. Since we have a division that's officially supporting Unicom voice, I'll add support for it, but it's not a minor change so it will take quite a while.
By Ross Carlson 887155
Robbie Brehm 924122 wrote:My only question is how can a single division support voice Unicom when VATSIM has said that they don't? Doesn't the division have to follow VATSIM's rules on the subject?

Depends on what you mean by "support voice unicom". Voice unicom can be supported without violating VATSIM rules. They just have to transmit on text AND voice.
By Norman Blackburn 870575
#348042 People are reading way too much into this.

VATPAC allows people to use voice on unicom (so does everywhere else) *but* it doesn't absolve them from repeating things in text, per the Code of Conduct. They don't mandate people must use voice.

I'm a VATPAC controller and have flown there extensively and never, not once used voice except when tuning to a controller.

Like Ross says, supporting is not the same as requiring.
By Sean Harrison 870618
Ross Carlson 887155 wrote: They just have to transmit on text AND voice.

I personally prefer to keep the two topics totally separate. Voice is definitely a supplementary means of communication. Text (when, what, and why) has been discussed numerous times on this forum and is far from a standardised procedure both practically and in theory. In my experience text is never used by almost 60% of pilots I have been within range of.

This topic was on "Voice for Unicom and CTAF". AFAIK there is no restriction on any member using voice in the method that VATOCE uses.

For clarity and before too many "how do you do it"s get asked, have a look here at our Pilot Training forum topic