Pilot Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Roland Rossgotterer 1047266
#466032 Time for another progress update:


* First FSX implementation is done. Traffic is rendered quite smooth. Since model matching is not yet complete, every aircraft is rendered as the standard B737
* Interpolation refactoring: We started with a linerar interpolation. This is likely to be improved in the future.
* Add support and utilities for remote SimConnect connections (Client is able to connect to a remote SimConnect via TCP)
* A lot preparation work for storing settings in JSON format.
* Read, write and delete all kind of settings
* Improved quality of SELCAL sounds
* Sending flightplans
* Thread Voice and FSD code
* Improvements and refactoring of distributed enviroment (*)

Mostly completed:

* First steps for X-Plane support. Two plugins have been added for X-Plane to have the same functionality we have already done in FSX.

In Progress

* Central logging of distributed enviroment (*)
* Preparation for W14
* General plugin loading
* FSX plugin improvements: Render aircrafts on ground, animations, sync aircraft updates with visual frames
* Selection of simulator plugin
* as usual a lot background stuff, bug fixing, code improvements etc.

(*) Distributed environment means in a nutshell you can run different modules of the client on different machines (even with different operating systems). This is quite heavy to maintain so have improvements quite regularly.
By Trent Hopkinson 812681
#466252 With vPilot released (easy setup, nice Squawkbox replacement), The Aussies (and maybe others) are mentioning the "no private voice rooms" issue that I outline and detail here (detailing how we use private voicerooms in FSinn to augment our CTAF procedures for G-class airports that lie under C and E class airspace)

I'm just wanting to confirm if Private Voicerooms (ie instead of only being able to tune into voice communications for active ATC, being able to create/connect to a random voice communications vvl such as rw1.vatpac.org/ijustmadethisupnow or 14.25.116/thatprobablyisntarealserver? aka FSinn's vvl bar:

Just wanting to confirm, because I was assuming this would be a feature, but then the "other one" that just got released seems to have omitted this feature/option, which served as a timely reminder to not assume anything :mrgreen: