By marcus holmes 815851
#497655 I have stayed at the Renaissance Heathrow Hotel a number of times, that would be a great location for the Convention. It has a big conference room, it is right next too Rwy 09L/27R at Heathrow, so also a great location for some plane spotting. They even offer a plane spotters package special during the week, which gets you a room facing Heathrow airport, with some great views of the airport.
By marcus holmes 815851
Richard Wood 1213723 wrote:Hi, I'm a new member so this would be fantastic. However please also make sure that the venue and any other facilities offered (hotels, transport etc) are fully wheelchair user friendly.



Hi Richard

You will find that most if not all hotels and transport in and around the London area are wheelchair friendly. It is pretty much a requirement now in the UK that hotels etc facilitate wheelchair users
By Kieran Samuel Cross 1298134
Aaron Osher 1319973 wrote:I'm a London local. I cannot wait, most certainly on my Summer Agenda.

Yeah, it's on so many people's agenda, unless you take the tube or bus, you'll get stuck in traffic :).
By Mark-Julius Pikat 1051954
#506862 Nice to hear that the dates are finally set! However, the price for 2-day conference really upsets me.

I am still planning to come though :)
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#506864 Should have waited booking holidays before getting the final date!

I have booked off-days for the weekend now. 99 GBP is not thaaaaaaat bad for a 2-day event in the UK.
By Edward Sterling 810627
#506875 Well, darn the luck, my cruise in France ends 7/22/17 and the convention is one week later. I do not suppose there is any chance that VATSIM will move the convention one week earlier; No, I didn't really think so.
So is there anyone, like a VATSIM person who runs an AIRBNB house could put up an older couple for a very small amount of Pounds for a week so we could attend. I may even be able to talk my wife to go home early and it would be only me. I would be willing to do laundry or yard work to stay, rather than fly back to London five days later.
Anyone with a heart would help me; I am so pitiful.

Ed Sterling
VATSIM_UK Northern Visitor.