By Lindsey Wiebe 1101951
#520626 Lately everytime i click on an airport i get a red banner "WHoops error has occured"; Win 10.

Then the window goes all white and never recovers... i like the new app however it has a long way to go to be as smooth as VatSpy. I was going to switch cold turkey to AccuMap, but right now i just can't. Is there a way to report errors other than on here?
By Phillip Pearce 1197279
#525448 Is anyone having trouble with Accumap? When I load the program in Win 10 I get the error 404 and everything freezes. I have tried to reload the program but with the same result. I have tried t run the program as administrator and non administrator rights with no effect, same result. i have added accumap to allow the firewall to acept. I have tried to run program with virus and firewall off. I have visited to re-download but all I get is V2 coming soon. This is very frustrating as I like to see what traffic and controllers are around.

Any advice greatly appreciated

Phillip Pearce
By Matthew Bartels 863645
#525450 I believe I read a facebook post from them that stated they were shutting down server support for V1 in preparation for V2. I can't remember exactly when they were going to be doing that.
By Andrew Ogden 1336925
#525452 Hi Phillip,

Matt is correct. We have deactivated the old AccuMap v1 server in preparation for AccuMap v2 which will be coming very soon. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and our website for up to date information on AccuMap v2.