By Roel Gonzalez 1078721
#530630 is a new brand that hosts goodies to enhance your VATSIM experience.

You can access VATGoodies by visiting

Currently there is active development work in progress on the first goodie that VATGoodies will present.

Real Ops by VATGoodies
With Real Ops by VATGoodies, your flight information region will finally be able to organize the real ops event that you have been wanting to do.
It will include features to allow easy management of your event.
Since this is in active development it is a good idea to send in any suggestions you may have for Real Ops by VATGoodies so it can be included when officially launched.

  • Event Organization - easy management of your real ops event
  • Booking System - intuitive booking system for pilots
  • Many pending features - be a pioneer and shape it by making suggestions!

Real Ops by VATGoodies is expected to be launched during the upcoming spring season, therefore if you would like to pitch in with suggestions, now would be the time.

To get in contact with me, you can either reply here or if you want it to be private, you can fill in the contact form on

This project is fully open source with the MIT License. Visit the VATGoodies GitHub to follow the development.
By Roel Gonzalez 1078721
#530641 Thanks all for showing your interest!

In the meanwhile if you want to send in any suggestions or vote on existing suggestions and ideas take a look at this trello board:
VATGoodies Idea Wall

I have also setup a VATGoodies facebook, where I will try to update on the development on a regular basis.
VATGoodies Facebook page

If there's anything you feel free to get in contact with me here:
Contact form
By Gunnar Lindahl 967365
#530794 Roel,

This stuff looks excellent - we need people like you in our community to help drive our hobby forward.

I know Matt Cianfarani, who heads up our web services team, is always looking for more talent and he has a few projects in the pipeline you may be interested in. Chuck him an email, if you're interested, at vpweb (at)

By Roel Gonzalez 1078721
#530796 Hey Gunnar,

Glad to hear that you find this excellent stuff! I am definitely interested in helping the community.

Right now, as you probably expect, my focus is fully on making sure that Real Ops by VATGoodies remains on schedule and gets launched in a timely fashion.
But I can surely start onboarding with the web services team and see what else VATSIM has got going on, and where I can be of assistance. I will send in an e-mail tomorrow regarding this.

In any case, feel free to mention my name to the team in the meanwhile.

Looking forward to hearing more.
By Roel Gonzalez 1078721
#530811 Hello,

VATGoodies is currently on the lookout for beta-testers, there is a limited availability.

Candidates must meet the following requirements:
  • Hold a staff role in VATSIM that deals with events.
  • Have experience with managing events.
  • Have programming experience (optional)

If you are interested, feel free to join us on Discord: and get in contact with me.

Also if you just want to stay in the loop feel free to join the Discord as well.