By Alexander Deyneko 1187292
#532489 Hi all,
We have an project dedicated to Victory day in our group ( And we consider to fly in the Vatsim network on DC-3 (crew/shared cockpit).

Unfortunately not all our members can play 5h in the front of their families :(
For this reason, we have to divide a long ~5h flight into two or more parts. So we need to pause and save the flight (situation) and resume the flight later (next day or more).

1. Is it possible to resume previous (saved) flight in the air?
2. As I understood we cannot use a pause when we are in the VATSIM network - is it correct?
3. We will disconnect from VATSIM then press pause - is it OK?
4. At the next day a crew will:
a. start X-plane
b. then load the saved flight and pause it
c. then synchronize it
d. then resume (activate or unpause) the flight
e. after it all connect to VATSIM - is it OK?
5. How to make a crewed flight in VATSIM (shared cockpit)? I mean how to fill the flight plan etc. Or co-pilot should forget about VATSIM? :?

Any help and suggestions are welcome!
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#532491 Hi Alexander,

1. yes, you can resume your flight. Please try to pause-disconnect/unpause-reconnect outside the approach or departure area of a busy airport
2. as long as you are actively connected to VATSIM, you must not use pause. I am sure nobody will complain if you pause for 2 or 3 seconds to check something, but anything above it is a no-no
3. yes, that would be the perfect solution. Or you pause and disconnect from VATSIM within a few seconds, see answer 2.
4. yes, this sounds like a good plan. As explained in answer 1., please do this outside busy parts of the airspace
5. you can fly on VATSIM with a shared cockpit. For X-Plane there is now a new client available, called "swift": ... edcockpit/ The co-pilot will connect swift as OBS (observer) and won't be visible to VATSIM ATC, but still to the flight-partner. You may want to test this before flying in an event.

If you need support for swift, please join our dedicated Discord server