By Truong Duc Duy An 1158560
#513955 We are looking for applicants for the position DIRECTOR of vACC Vietnam - Cambodia - Laos, whoever can fulfil the following duties:

• Oversee daily operations
• Publicise and arrange ATC for events
• Act as a spokesperson for ACCVCL
• Availability of 5 hours per week
• A diplomatic, level-headed personality
• The ability to deal with a vast range of people and issues that arise from time to time
• A commitment to providing excellent ATC services in ACCVCL


Must be C1 or higher (preferably eligibility as I1)
Must have a clean VATSIM record for the last year
Fluent English
Have a regular online presence

Please send your application to
By Kieran Samuel Cross 1298134
#514002 Just as a pointer, you've not added a closing date for applications. It might be useful to applicants/potential applicants for the role.