By Stanly Raut 1393167
#514633 Hi,

I am interested in becoming one of the controllers in Philippines. is down at the moment and cannot find anywhere in google where to download the sector files.

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

Stanly Raut
By Anastasios Petros Stefopoulos 901134
#515908 Hi Stanley,
Is there any update regarding the sector file you would like to download?
By Michael Uy 1259722
#516005 Hi Stanley,

Apologies about the website being unaccessible. We are currently in the process of changing our webhost and we are just waiting for the domain to be released. Anyway, the website is deployed on a temporary webhost at this time so you can download the sector files there instead. Here is the link where you will find the sector files -

By Anastasios Petros Stefopoulos 901134
#516009 Thank you for your reply Michael amd also for providing the temporary link. It is much appreciated the effort put in for Philippines vACC. Thank you