By Wildan Gunawan 1300014
#526011 After some sort of "inactivity". We're now back!
Yea, after some, I would like to say, years, we're back.

We also released our new website.

There you can find information about our vACC and find scenery link.
Most of the FSX scenery we listed could work too with P3D. So you can give a try.

If you want ATC, I and my friend, Stevin, currently under C1 training and Jiong Sheng already give us solo for both WIIF and WAAF. We mostly online at 12z everyday, so no need to worry about controller. (Need to note this because yesterday while Indonesia full control, and I only get 1 traffic while Stevin get no traffic lol).

If you have any suggestion for website, please reply with this thread.
Known issue is jQuery issue while using dropdown on mobile. I don't know how to solve until now lol.
And if you want to help me for SEO, please join our Discord and find "Wildan Gunawan - 1300014" and send me a PM. Or you can reply this thread too.