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By Wygene Chong 1089621
#476882 Hi Michal,

Not wanting to add too much to your plate (so no rush), but as you've probably noticed, BIRD_CTR now covers the corridor of Greenlandic airspace to Canada above FL195.


If a line were drawn in BGGL FIR at 70N from the Canadian border to 30W where it meets the existing BIRD_CTR border, then all of BGGL FIR south of that line is BIRD_CTR now as well (excluding a tip of Greenland, but that isn't shown anyway). I realise this might be a huge job as it changes the zoom factor on the country map for Iceland, as well as showing BIRD_CTR on both Iceland and Greenland ATC pages.
By Wygene Chong 1089621
#477607 A new chart has just been to make it all a bit easier: ... N_2015.pdf

(Page 27).

The green lines show the sector splits while the dotted blue lines show the FIR boundaries as seen on vRoute at present. BIRD_CTR now covers the south, east and west sectors; a radar corridor between Europe and North America. BICC_FSS covers just the north sector, although it still provides a partial service in all four sectors as before, so nothing has changed there. Similarly, BGGL_FSS still covers the BGGL FIR in full.
By Wygene Chong 1089621
#484465 Hi Michal,

Just wondering if this is still on the table? Would be a nice addition to vRoute :)

Iceland/Greenland/Faroe Islands Sector Map: ... ctor-map-2