By Ruth McTighe 824054
#160614 This forum is for members to post their screen shots for general interest. Competition entries should be posted in the Monthly Screen Shot Contest forum.

You must observe the following rules, mainly out of courtesy to your fellow members:
(they have now been tightened up, as some posters have been ignoring them)

1. Screenshots must be VATSIM related

2. Members will be responsible for hosting their own pictures. For those that don't have server space or the bandwidth, is a viable option.

3. Image size will be limited to 500kb to keep download time reasonable for dial-up. Images above the limit will be removed.

4. For the same reason any one thread should contain no more than 10 pictures. We would like to see your best pictures, not a random collection. Multiple threads posted to avoid this rule will be treated as a single thread.

5. File format should normally be jpg.

6. Video links may be posted, but videos may not be embedded in the post.

Posts not conforming to these rules will be deleted without warning, includinig those already posted at the time the rules were edited on 22nd June 07.

Ruth McTighe
Vice President - Communications
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By Ruth McTighe 824054
#161896 Thanks for the positive responses, guys.

However sadly, in the first 5 days of this forum being open, 6 posters out of 25 have failed to follow the posting guidelines. Three of them posted introductions which basically translated "I know what the guidelines say, but I'm going to ignore them". So far we've had five posters put up excessive numbers of pictures, and one has posted a picture that was nothing to do with VATSIM.

My trust in members' commonsense was obviously misplaced, so from now on these are no longer guidelines, but rules and I will enforce them firmly. Any post breaching the rules will be deleted without warning.

Those who have already posted threads with over 10 pictures are asked to reduce them to 10 by 2359z on Sunday 24th June or I will delete them.

Vice president - Communications
By James O Grady 904153
Scott Johnston 890281 wrote:I wouldn't call posting one or two more than ten, excessive. But whatever floats your boat.

In fairness though some did exceed the guidline amount excessively and I think shes just treating everyone who went over the guidline amount of 10 equally, even though some may have exceeded it way more than others. Though I think maybe the excessive posting of screenshots was down to people not being aware of the rules as opposed to them ignoring them(some did but most didn't), as the thread that the rules were in was a welcome thread and should probably have been entitled something along the lines of 'IMPORTANT - RULES PLEASE READ!', which grabs peoples attention and would probably have made them more aware of the rules.
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By Adam Walker 961745
#161955 I guess the problem is, if one person posts 15 then the next person thinks, why shouldnt I?

Yes they may be breaking it by 1 or 2, but this can soonlead to 3 or 3 or so on.
By Paul Byrne 816289
#161963 Hi Ruth,

Here's a suggestion that may be a decent compromise for people that want to post more than 10 shots per thread.

There's a max of 15 posts per page on each thread. Maybe if someone has more than 10 shots, they could put up to 10 shots with 1 shot per post, get a 3 or 4 replies to the photos and once it hits the second page, they are allowed 10 more and then that is the absolute maximum per thread. This way you still get the max 10 shots being loaded per page, it will keep the dial up users satisfied, keep the users that want to post more than 10 shots happy and also stop threads from going too over the top page wise.

So to recap. Maximum per page = 10, Maximum per thread = 20

What do you think?