By Tony Evans 987602
Scott Smith 921136 wrote:
Now I see numerous designers doing the same pictures over and over again trying to out compete one another.

Don't know if anyone agrees with me, but it seems to be back tracking a bit.

it's beginning to turn into a typical forum like FSW where people [Mod-You kiss your mother with that mouth?] (the only good word to use to the occasion) about each other and their photos...i saw it slowly happening and abandoned the screenshot forum as I don't wanna go there...I had it there, it wasn't here before and why should it...people truly are showing their best shots even if they have onboard graphics and they got jaggies everywhere...the idea seemed so great and yes in a way it was needed but now it's lost the inspiration it had :cry:
By John Golin 811695
#188355 Ruth / Norm...

There seems to be a lot of stupid critical chat creeping into the threads; telling people how to fly, degeneration to grammar nazis, nitpicking of irrelevant issues... basically a bunch of kids trying to show how much better they are by picking out all the errors or problems in others posts... not necessary IMO.

By Kevin Tsai 1029796
#189358 So here are the rules for posting pics! I wonder why I didn't see that in the first place!

From now on, any pics more than 10 that I post will be posted on Flyaway, which is another Flightsim website.

Just to be sure that I'm following the rules, is that okay to post VATSIM pics on another website or will I be violating the rules?
By Mikey Lyle 1052776
#246660 Being new to the General Screen Shots Forum I read Ruths listing of the rules. I just took it for granted that this is the way to do it!!.
I then read the posts. Posts 1 to 9 seem to be from fairly mature minds :idea:.
After Ruths thank you post, attitude started to go downhill and some of the posts seem to have arrived from some nursery school.
I have only made a couple of posts however I find all the pics interesting, all the critisism good fun, all the semi pro stuff clever, some of the comments
are really funny.
Going from the post dates it looks as though the children are fed up of moaning :D

So keep up the good work Ruth.


Mikey Lyle
By James Flynn 1043500
#280154 may i post a picture from a different flight sim... it doesn't have vatsim but the pictures are so much better. i won't enter them into the competition or anything
By Ruth McTighe 824054
James Flynn 1043500 wrote:may i post a picture from a different flight sim... it doesn't have vatsim but the pictures are so much better. i won't enter them into the competition or anything

May I point out item 1 of the first post in this thread

1. Screenshots must be VATSIM related

Now we can't actually police that as there's no way to tell if a particular screenshot is VATSIM related, but this IS a VATSIM forum so we do rely on our members to use it as such. There are plenty of other forums on the internet where you can post non-VATSIM stuff.

By Joseph Sherrill 1047575
#359374 In, hit "Save As" and select .jpg as your file type. Then just adjust the compression ratio until you are under the limit. If you need to decrease the compression ratio below 95% or so, try resizing the image. (Anything lower than 95% and the compression starts to show)
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#514977 Put the person on your "foe-list" might do the job. But why would you do something rude like this? Just ignore the posts of this member and you are set.
By Rauno Maisa 1018208
#514983 Yes, I understand you. The issue for me is, that 80% of the topics in "General screenshot forum" are posted by the same individual and have provided next to no new input during the last 7 years. Other topics get lost between all of that.