By Raj Changela 1114606
#535541 Hi,
Excellent event in the Nutmeg State!! Fantastic flying few sorties ... JFK-BDL-BOS-BDL.

Heres few pics/report.

Brought tonnes of LD3s from Kennedy on the Triple. After departing 04L JFK.5 DCT BDR

Crossing Long Island.... KBDR straight ahead!

Descending thru 6000 & getting vectored ILS 24. ... east of Hartford with I-84, I-91 & Rt 15

A change of equip & quick turnaround.... thanks to awesome ATC! GND was busy... 6 in this shot alone. Queen firing up beacon as they all pull away....

After another ultra quick turnaround with Logan.... blasting off PATSS5 off 33L (we cleared COUSY @ 5200!)

Getting vectored into yet another ILS 24 approach, past NELIE ... getting down to 4000

Past MOTEL... short finals.... one rotating 33, other already in position!!

First crates of fresh Lobstas from the Bean town getting carted off!!

Blue skies....