Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By David Epstein 1252585
#519419 For those of us that use vERAM what do you do to vector aircraft if you don't have Approach on? VRC you can just draw for a heading, what I have been doing since I am just making the switch to vERAM is just kind of guesstimating for the heading. Whats everyone's thoughts?

By Camden Bruno 1253785
#519421 The entire point of ERAM is for the sake of realism. Real-world controllers learn their scope and reference points on it to give vectors and apply vector patterns within their airspace. The same applies to STARS. VRC has the ruler as a crutch and training aid.
By Dhruv Kalra 878508
#519424 You can draw an extended centerline for any runway in your airspace with "FC [ICAO] [RUNWAY]" (e.g. "FC KMSP 12L" - make sure you throw a leading zero on any runway numbered 1-9)

From there, use the headings you learned while working your way up to Center, or resort back to the time-honored method of vectoring at most ARTCCs: "Turn XX degrees left/right, say new heading" :D
By Krikor Hajian 1283146
#519443 Worth noting that (assuming your facility file has been set up correctly) ERAM is oriented to TRUE north, not magnetic. So, a 360 heading won't be straight up, it'll be off by whatever your magnetic variation is set to. So you can use that, as well as geographic references or runway/approach centerlines on your videomaps to vector.