Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Anthony Polomaine 1421523
#527718 Might sound like a stupid question and I'm sorry if it is. But I'm "fairly" new to vatsim & have been flying for about 2 months on the network. I've never flown into an airport that had a ground controller & I was just wondering; If I'm approaching an airport that has ONLY a ground controller, would I contact him for clearance to land? I know he obviously controls ground movement but I just thought I'd ask just in case he gives clearance for someone to cross the runway or something else happening on the ground. Thanks for the help in advance - Anthony.
By Alex Long 891981
#527720 Hey Anthony! Generally, a ground controller only has control over the taxiways. Runways fall under the control of a tower controller. When landing, you'd exit the runway, taxi past the bars and stop. At that point, you'd then contact ground and ask for taxi to your location of parking. When departing, you'd ask them for clearance, and in some places pushback, and then they'd taxi you to the runway and send you to UNICOM for you to self-announce.