Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Andre Almeida 1333905
#527673 Had to leave as it was getting late, but decided to stay online a few more minutes to land that one last guy, so he wouldn't be left hanging close to the airport.

LPPT_APP: Winds ..., runway 03, cleared to land.
ABC123: Runway 03, cleared to land.
20 seconds later
ABC123: Going around. There are about 3 AI aircraft on final.

Well, perhaps next time I'll have better luck when I decide to stay online for that one last guy. :D
By Michal Majerczuk 1091056
#527685 After 2 hours on Eurocontrol Islands I decided to have a nice and pleasant journey from Gatwick to Innsbruck in a B787. Due to the fact I had a broadband upgrade recently I started to stream too and during my flight there were few people watching.

As instructed by Ground we were suppose to switch over to UNICOM 122.800 and contact London Control IF he will still be online when we reach the holding point of runway 26L but of course considering the fact it was ''virtual worlds best controlling facility'' I couldn't resist and tuned in to London Control to MONITOR the frequency - it was more than worth it.

Upon reaching the holding point all I heard was the following:

London Control - ABC123 Listen I know stopping is something we all hate but holding points are there at Heathrow for a reason. It doesn't actually bother me that you failed to stop this time because there is little to no traffic next to you but if my sector would have been busier it would been hell...

Once airborne at approximately FL116 I head some mumbling response by one of the younger generations pilot and London Control have came up with the following response:

London Control - Last calling station I have no idea what you have said but YES thats correct

No wonder my chat went crazy saying ''London is at it again'' :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now something that is not flying/controlling related. I was waiting for a student to show up for his Eurocontrol authorization session when I check my Discord and see the following message

Person X Sorry I'm going to be late, my goldfish is drowning

30 minutes later he wasn't there so I just cancel the session...
By Alessandro Buscaglione 1155449
Michal Majerczuk 1091056 wrote: Person X Sorry I'm going to be late, my goldfish is drowning

30 minutes later he wasn't there so I just cancel the session...

I guess we need to pray for a drowned goldfish? :roll:
By Collin Koldoff 1418634
#528478 P: BDL_TWR Twin otter PJ-WIS on the ramp request vertical take off and unrestricted climb to FL4000

C: PJ-WIS BDL_TWR standby
**coordination with center**
C: vertical take off and unrestricted climb to FL4000 approved advise when ready for departure

P: Wilco

C: Attention all aircraft within the vicinity of the Bradley airport, rocket activity will be commenced over the airport please use caution remain this frequency for further.

**A few minutes later**

P: PJ-WIS ready for departure

C: PJ-WIS vertical departure from the ramp is at pilots discretion once airborne contact BOS_CTR 134.700

P: Departure at pilots discretion center on 134.700 PJ-WIS

C: Attention all aircraft with in the vicinity of the Bradley airport, rocket activity is now being commenced please use caution
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#528523 Gotta love WorldFlight taking 40-60 aircraft into airports that are way too small to accommodate 40-60 aircraft....

JAC_GND: "Giant 1471 Heavy, the aircraft in front of you is disabled, do you feel comfortable running him over?" "Excellent, Giant 1471 Heavy, Runway 19, taxi via A, you may run over or through or however you like crush the 737 on the taxiway in front of you...." And followed mere seconds later by SPK245 calling, having overrun the snowy, icy runway.... "SPK245, yes, I see you down there in that ditch. Next left on Main Street, third left on Aviation Way, past the Alamo Rent A Car, through the fence, and you should be able to find a gate." Yes, it was a fun time for my first time ever working KJAC (or anywhere in Salt Lake City Center, for that matter). I guess I know why if they don't ask me back.... ;) ;) ;)
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#528639 SFO_DEP: "UAL123, what departure are you on?!?"
--no response--
SFO_DEP: "UAL123, you turned right. There's no departure off San Francisco that turns right...."
Unknown Pilot: "He must be on the EFDUP Departure..."
By Alessio Nola 1312359
#530347 Controlling Eurocontrol South, ABC123 is climbing higher than the cruise level filed

EURS_FSS: ABC123, say your final level
ABC123: thanks sir, have nice day

(after dying on my chair)

EURS_FSS: negative, report your final cruise level
ABC123: FL300
EURS_FSS: roger, continue as filed

(proceeded to die of asphyxiation)

Five minutes later, an aircraft (on his own will) wrote on the frequency tab:

DEF456: connecting to 122.800, bye

And proceeded to turn the transponder off.


I always enjoy EURS, it's good memes