Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
Roger Dubuc 1468515 wrote:Yesterday I made a flight from CYUL to CYYC, after a while Montreal center told me to switch to a new frequency that never appeared on my XPilot client, 134.5 I think. Is this usual?

Yes and no.

Prior to the implementation of the updated voice system, you'd only ever see frequencies associated with "voice rooms" -- hosted voice chat rooms that the Pilot Client would join you to when you tuned that frequency while in range of it.

The new system works entirely differently. There is still a list of nearby controllers and the primary frequencies they're operating on, but it's now possible for them to operate on more than one frequency. This simulates either the top-down coverage they're providing, or a situation where one frequency / set of transmitters is used in the eastern half of the sector and another frequency / set of transmitters is used in the west, things like that.

At the moment, ONLY their primary frequency shows in the active list; however, the AFV developers are working on a way to inject their secondary frequencies into that same list. For now, it will occasionally happen that you're asked to switch to a frequency that doesn't appear active. Just like in the real world, you just have to tune it and talk, and hope someone's listening on the other end.