Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Zain Khan 1345074
#526785 Image

New Zealand from the scope of Auckland Control (NZCH-R_CTR)
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#527578 Wow...that's all I got...just...WOW!

By Alex Long 891981
Gergely Csernak 904331 wrote:May I post a tower view made by EuroScope simulator as "scope"?

Alright folks, time to pack up and go home. I don't think any of us can beat that. WOW! I've been hoping to build one of these eventually, just using a STARs display.
By Nikolas Goerlitz 1373921
#528637 Image

Picture of the Ground Radar at Frankfurt, during the Frankfurt Realops 2018 (Shows only bits of the ground) - More images to follow soon :)
By Tom Earl 1400716
#533077 Could anyone shed some light into how to change the Euroscope default font? I've seen a few scopes posted here where the tag and list typefaces are different from the default ES one. Any thoughts?