Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Evgeny Vygornitsky 862634
Jean-Frederik Dion 819740 wrote:Also interested in SectEd
Still working on and testing it.
By Andrew Wolcott 814793
#405765 Is there a location we can leave bug reports and feature requests?

I have noticed that the "Import Runways" from Level-D does not pick up all airports, as is appears Level-D does not include runways over a certain length, or perhaps if it doesn't have an IFR procedure associated with it.

So, if anyone knows where we can forward this information to, that would be great.

BTW, this program is by and large the best thing out there in regards to sector file development. My hats off to the developer and anyone who helped him along the way!


By Evgeny Vygornitsky 862634
#405768 There must be a file named in russian (you can post your bugs here) .url
Proceed there and write a note.

otherwise make an url file with the following:

By Jean-Frederik Dion 819740
#406146 Thank you for sharing Evgeny :)
This is indeed a very neat and promising piece of software. I hope that the few bugs will get fixed and that the author is ready to push its full potential forward!

I would love to see a feature to automatically fix unclosed SECTOR borders and a way to label SECTORLINE items so that you don't need to play with the show/hide feature (which is still buggy). Also, in POSITIONS section of an ESE file, squawk start and squawk end fields transform 0370 to 370. Might need to make it a text type to avoid this.

Should I report more bugs here?
By Evgeny Vygornitsky 862634
#406156 Sure, don't hesitate to write more bugs.
I'll speak to Sergey, the author, so he will be able to fix these bugs when he has free time.
By Andrew Wolcott 814793
Evgeny Vygornitsky 862634 wrote:Sure, don't hesitate to write more bugs.
I'll speak to Sergey, the author, so he will be able to fix these bugs when he has free time.

Any updates Evgeny?

I have a new bug to add. While using SectEd in Windows 7 Ultimate X86, using the mouse wheel to zoom in, it immediately zooms back out. I am able to get it to zoom in if I scroll the wheel really fast, but if I try to zoom in again, instead of zooming in, it zooms out.
By Evgeny Vygornitsky 862634
#415734 I haven't spoken to Sergey for a long time. I suggest you write him about this bug to that electronic document in the previous message
By Evgeny Vygornitsky 862634
Andrew Wolcott 814793 wrote:Tried posting some other updates to the Document online. It seems it has been taken down? The document is no longer reachable with the link provided above.


I can see your messages there, and it is still available
By Sergey Ziryanov 1073457
#417420 Hey everyone. I'm the author of SectEd and of course i plan to remove the bugs as soon as i can. The bug list is in my google account (Evgeny gave the URL) and is available for testers to send bug reports and wish lists.
Just to be clear, i intended to finish the software half a year ago. Due to lack of free time i couldn't, however i thought, that it was already somehow useable despite the bugs. That's why i sent it to several guys from VATRUS for testing. So it's even not a public beta )). But i really hope to get to that stage soon.