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By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#393080 i wouldnt get ahead too quickly. its good to be excited, but let the developer make the actual claim :wink:

not a good thing to say something is near when it still may be a long wait before it actually does.

unless you already have confirmation from the developer ofcourse :wink:
By Antoine Lapointe 1042633
Jonas Eberle 1068951 wrote:From the page:
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Well seen!!

As stated before, the project was originally made for IVAO, but due to their lack of interest in third-party software, it is now fully intended for VATSIM!

I've added the necessary tags :p
By Antoine Lapointe 1042633
Karl Mathias Moberg 908962 wrote:Is there any update on this? Screenshots were released in nov.09 which is quite a while ago...

I'm still working hard on it to be able to release it pretty soon... Since I want to make it as portable as possible, I'm currently implementing a specific protocol to create custom flight progress strips :)

I'll keep you guys updated if something big happens!!