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By Lewis Corcoran 1316430
#504221 I've recently just failed my OBS to S1 exam by 1 Question and in the rts it says 'You must obtain a pass in the theory exam before you are able to book the practical exam for that rating (except OBS > S1).' How do i book the practical exam or mentoring session
By Corey Segesdi 1285929
#504912 Hello everyone,

I'm new to Vatsim and I'm interested in becoming a controller. I'm from Canada and wish to control in Canada, however, the Vatcan website ( seems to be down for maintenance. It has been down for at least 24 hours. Does anyone know how I can join my division as per the Vatsim ATC training page? Or do I just have to wait until this maintenance is finished?

By james edwards 1349045
#506493 Just a general question?

I have been observing on Euroscope for quite sometime now and just wondering how long does it take to get a group observer session. I passed the theory exam first time and just really want to control , i also have some good experience from flying Small Props at Liverpool airport UK
By Immanuel Pekerti 1399768
#517896 Hello!

Just going to leave a suggestion here. I actually believe that the main post telling you to start off by looking for "NEW ATC STARTS HERE" in the left hand menu is pretty much irrelevant by now.

I would suggest the thread starter to renew the guide so it won't confuse the new starter. I was confused though, and so I gave this suggestion.

Thank you!
By Alex Ying 1357036
Ilin Shavreski 1407828 wrote:What subjects in high school are the most important for air traffic controller?


I wouldn't say any particular subject or class is "the most important." What's important are various skills that can be applied to the task of air traffic control. ATC is about maintaining safety and efficiency in a 4 dimensional environment (latitude, longitude, altitude, and time). Therefore, spatial reasoning ability is critical. You can't maintain separation if you can't form a coherent mental picture of what the airspace looks like and how the aircraft are moving through it.

Understanding some basic physics and meteorology wouldn't hurt. A good understanding of arithmetic, geometry, and basic algebra is in some ways necessary (vectoring is essentially geometry), but I would argue that things like good vectoring and sequencing is more a skill that is learned through experience and becomes and intuitive practice over time.

Developing your spatial reasoning and visualization skills is far more important than becoming a math wiz, although that certainly wouldn't hinder your ATC ability.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#519080 Home > ATC > Training (

Joining A Division

To become a VATSIM approved Air Traffic Controller you must first join a VATSIM Region and Division. Most members select the Region/Division that is local to them, though this is not a requirement. It is important to consider the local timezone of the Division you join.

After selecting a Division, navigate to their website to find information about their training process and available contacts for you to get started.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#521840 Welcome to the community, Aaron!

I don't know how things are done in the UK, but I'd suggest reading all available training and policy material on their website while you wait for your next session. You could also sign in as an observer at DEL, GND and TWR positions and listen. The more you read, listen and absorb, the better prepared you'll be for your instruction.
By Bryce Hartnell 1456884
#533368 Hello, I worked at the Edmonton ACC as a controller in two enroute specialties and am looking to learn more about VATSIM. The link on the 'Training' page join a VATSIM Region and Division does not appear to be working currently. Will read through more of the forums in case there are already answers posted elsewhere on other ways to sign up for regional training (I'd likely prefer enroute control to start, but am interested in learning other areas).

I'm also interested in listening in and maybe joining in on busier areas as I realize there may not be a lot of traffic in VATSIM in and around Canada. Thanks in advance!