Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#505381 there would have to be policy changes in order to accommodate such a feature. even on the ATC side the .busy doesnt relieve the controller of their responsibilities online.

like any feature though, if it gives the opportunity for someone to take advantage of it, youll be guaranteed they will (plenty already try to find ways around the unattended connection clause)
By Robert Fersch 847762
#505384 I expected that there could be issues with the "how to" and valid concerns about the possibility of people abusing the system and ignoring their responsibilities.

I'm no technical expert. If it is something we decide to implement, hopefully there is a way to enter this information. A pilot's responsibilities to contact ATC would not change. And for those inclined to take advantage, they are probably already part of the problem.

When I look at at who's online, the majority of pilots fly in uncontrolled airspace. Are all these pilots at the controls every minute, I doubt it. Also, are all these pilots irresponsible people unconcerned with the Code of Conduct, I really doubt that.

So, unresponsive pilots are one of, if not the most, common problem for ATC and supervisors. Erik had some in his airspace and called a supervisor. Erik did his job, the supervisor did his. Nobody did anything wrong but the problem persisted. It seems to me we need to give Erik, ATC and supervisors a better way to identify, understand and resolve these issues.

By Robert Fersch 847762
Nicholas Cavacini 1084329 wrote:Supervisors already have ways of identifying these types of issues and others.

Okay. I understand. It was not my intention to upset the apple cart.