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By Jeremy Wenner 1366735
#505575 Hello!

I'm fairly new to VATSIM and have done a couple of flights here and there and I wanted to get more involved and I want to become a controller. But before I even get into training and everything else, is their an ATC Program that is compatible with Mac that I would be able to use on VATSIM?

Let Me Know! Thanks!

Jeremy Wenner
By Ryan Savara 1369362
Josh Glottmann 1275389 wrote:There is not, but myself and others have gotten VRC to work on a Mac.
Look here.

Works quite well, the only issue is that Mac's do not have a "C" drive, which is where most applications install. Luckily most applications (like VRC) allow you to change the install location. I have mine set to a folder inside my Documents folder.

Only noticeable things are sometimes the menus glitch out (also seen on Linux; where they either don't show up or are just grey boxes. However going through the menu reveals the settings), and if using a Macbook, scrolling isn't nice on the trackpad (keyboard shortcuts are great though), and it would be beneficial to set up the right click on the trackpad, instead of control+Lclick