Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Axel Joseph 1372133
#506155 I'm new to VATSIM, I recently discovered my old FS9 on a found USB. And I decided to join VATSIM to be a controller. That's my hobby. I've been doing some air traffic controlling-stuff a few months ago, in Roblox. I am an enthusiast, I can tell the difference between most planes (apparently as what I read, you need to know the differences between airplanes). I would like to know any software/addons needed for FS 2004 in order to be a controller, and maybe a training? Please PM me or email me at [email protected]

Kind Regards,
By Josh Glottmann 1275389
#506169 Hey Axel, welcome to VATSIM!

You actually don't need any addons for FS9 to control. You will however need to use one of the approved controlling clients for the network (varies by region).

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By Ross Carlson 887155
Axel Joseph 1372133 wrote:I would like to know any software/addons needed for FS 2004 in order to be a controller

You don't need FS 2004 at all. A flight sim is only required for flying on the network. For controlling, only a controller client is required.
By Thimo Koolen 1345135
#506262 And knowing the difference between planes is not really necessairy. I know the difference between most Boeing planes, but don't you dare to ask me to identify an Airbus.

This list, however, is really useful. I know that Euroscope displays the full name of the aircraft, if the pilot specified the correct ICAO code. If it's not displayed, you can ask the pilot which aircraft he's flying and with the list, change it to a correct ICAO code.