Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Brodie Murdoch 1306312

Hello Everyone,

As we all know Worldflight 2016 is fast approaching with only 19 hours to go :)

A request has been made from the VATSIM New Zealand Events Director for everyone who is controlling a particular position for Worldflight to send there ATC Logfile after completing there ATC Session to the following email address listed below so it can be put together for a Worldflight 2016 Time-lapse which will be available to everyone once the Time-Lapse has been completed.

This will be an amazing feature to have for Worldflight and VATSIM because it shows how much of a community we are but it also spreads the spirit of VATSIM even more around the World.

For this Time-Lapse to work we do request that at least one person from each airport who is on a Enroute Position to send there Logfile to the email address listed below for this Time-Lapse to work and be successful, but we'd like if everyone could send there Logfiles to we can have more a variety of data to chose from.

Logfiles should be sent to the following email address listed below

[email protected]

Please also include your CID and the Airport and Position you'd controlled and the subject should be Worldflight 2016 Logfile


To: [email protected]
Subject: Worldflight Logfile

Message: Here's the logfile for Worldflight 2016
Name - John Smith
CID - 1234567
Airport - Auckland (NZAA)
Position - Christchurch Control (NZCH-R)

Note - There will be a delay in the produce of this Time-Lapse and will take a lot of time to edit etc before it is released

This message has been posted in many other VATSIM Division Forums so that we can reach all members in everyway we can. Once post has been made in each topic within the Events section of each forums listed below and a new topic has been posted in the General/ATC section as well. Note please post a reply if need-be in the General/ATC Topic NOT with the Event Section in all forums listed below.

Below is a list of forums that we've posted in.

General/ATC Section in forum (Can reply)
Vancouver FIR -
Boston ARTCC -
VATUK - ... timelapse/
VATPRC - ... timelapse/
VATSEA - ... timelapse/
VATPAC -,17781.0.html
Seattle ARTCC -

Event Section in forum (DO NOT REPLY)

Vancouver FIR - ... p=306#p306
VATPAC -,17755.15.html
Seattle ARTCC - ... 502#p26502

Please spread the message as it will help us :)

An email will be sent also to hopefully all VACC's ARTCC's and Division's for are participating in Worldflight as well

If you have any concerns either reply via the forums or send an email to one of the following email addresses

Eric Coufmann - [email protected]
Brodie Murdoch - [email protected]

Once again thanks to everyone your you input and to the people who have sent there Logfiles and we will notify you within this topic once the Time-Lapse has been released

Good Luck All & Enjoy Worldflight 2016