Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Brad Lee 971630
#507046 So, I finally not only returned to this amazing hobby the other week...going on 10 years now, wow...but also finally got into vERAM like I said I would and I love it! A great product yet again Ross, you never fail to disappoint!

I'm wanting to gather some opinions, both from real-world controllers and fellow strictly-hobbyists-for-whatever-reason (stupid age limit and lousy training pay is mine) controllers. The topic: trackballs, as mentioned.

I had the opportunity over the summer to use a trackball mouse, namely one of these: ... 0043T7FXE/ for a week while off doing CAP training, and part of me can see the appeal of it in military and aviation applications. Again though, I'm curious about here with VATSIM. Do any of you use trackballs, and how do you fair with ATC clients (VRC and vERAM mainly), piloting, and even other games (GTA V for example)?
By Camden Bruno 1253785
#507055 Brad,

First of all, welcome back! Glad to have you.

I use the exact trackball that you linked. I use it for everyday use (web browsing, typing papers, etc.) along with gaming (GTA V specifically) and all VATSIM-related tasks. For me, having visited a few real-world ATC facilities and worked with the sims, it adds a level of realism that a mouse cannot simulate. The one I have has worked flawlessly. Initially, I was going back and forth between this one and this one and ultimately decided i'd go with the latter.

While the first looks more realistic to what they're using with ERAM and STARS, it takes away some other functions I felt I needed. I don't think i'd be comfortable going about everyday tasks on my computer with the first one. The second still has the feel of a mouse, especially in relation to where the left/right click buttons are. Additionally, I like having the extra programmable buttons (which I have programmed to work with different VRC functions) on the second one. Lastly, I'm not sure whether the first one I linked has a middle button or not - that is a necessity for vERAM.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#507061 I use one of these: ... -trackball

I like it because the larger ball seems a bit more realistic. I only wish the three buttons were across the top rather than surrounding the ball. I have the upper left button set as the left button, and the upper right set as the middle button. I also have a regular mouse plugged in for non-ATC stuff.
By Andrew Doubleday 844751
#507717 I use the Kensington Trackball myself. Always prefered it while controlling. Only time I really use it though. ... +Trackball