Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Daniel Gomes 810882
#514325 Gents,

VATSIM is an inclusive network, not an exclude one. You are forgetting the impaired members that can’t hear or speak. What about them? Or the ones without a headset or microphone? Or those that can’t simply use voice because of the noise it make back home? Just to state a few reasons for continuing to allow text over the network.

We do encourage the voice usage but can’t simply ban text…

As someone said, the alias file is a great help ……
By Johnny Coughlan 861497
#514346 Text pilots I don't have a problem with(i use an alias for them), the rise in text pilots is what I do have an issue with.

Is there a specific reason for this?, I suspect there is, my son who is getting into flightsim wont fly online for the simple fact he hates the lag and quality of the voice architecture used in VATSIM(we've fiber broadband so it's not our end before people jump on that assumption).

Is there any way for VATSIM to survey the membership as to what communication preferences they fly under be it V/T/R and why?.

Maybe then we can get hard facts instead of beating around the same bush and have the same handful of people jump on topics like this with the 'there's nothing wrong here, move along' attitude towards these topics.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#514352 I'm not a web pro, so I don't know how difficult this would be, but if it were possible to pull all unique flight plans from a month/quarter/year and determine comm capability by searching/parsing for /v/, /r/, or /t/, it would certainly be interesting to see the statistics. To the previous point, it would be interesting to see that data month-by-month over a years' time.

That data would not give the reason why, so a separate poll would be needed for that. I suspect the leading reasons would include
1. Uncomfortable speaking ATC and use text as a crutch
2. Uncomfortable speaking English and use text as a crutch
3. Lack of headset
4. Physical challenges with hearing, speech, or both
5. Using VATSIM while others are sleeping nearby

These are the ones I've seen most often, though it would be interesting to see other reasons that were offered.
By Kyle Ramsey 810181
#514357 Text only pilots and controllers is a minority but we're still not going to shove them out of VATSIM because of it. Text has been with VATSIM since before we even had text and veterans know how to use text without difficulty, and even newer members can learn and adapt.
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
Don Desfosse 1035677 wrote:3. Lack of headset

3a. wire on cheap $9 "eBay special" headset wore through after only 3 months of use, and said headset is currently sitting in a crumpled heap at the base of the opposite wall -- but h*** if I'm gonna give up the one night a week my wife lets me play on the computer all evening.

Been there, done that. Just sayin'. ;-)