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By Conrad collinson 1374231
#514962 Hi all,

I am new to the controlling scene so this is probably something that i have done wrong but i am wondering if someone can help...

Im trying to setup Euroscope to show EGKK GND, I Opened the UK sector File all fine no issues there.

I downloaded the UK controller pack, but when i open it in ES to try and select the ASR files for EGKK they dont show...
They appear if i find them in the normal file explorer but not when I open it in ES. (The gatwick folder just appears to be empty)

Hopefully someone can help!


Conrad Collinson
By Conrad collinson 1374231
#514971 Ah sorry SMR's.

I go to OPEN SCT > Open > UK_CONTROLLER_PACK > UK_CONTROLLER PACK > UK > GATWICK and nothing is in the folder.

However if i go to the same location outside of Euroscope (Just Using windows file explorer) and the three files are in there... Very strange.

Its like EuroScope cant see the Files.
Thanks for your reply though!


By Matthew Burton 1270824
#514976 Hello,
I can see what your trying to do now. You are looking for ARS's files where there are non.

I am guessing you just want to look at the Gatwick SMR for a start.
Open Euroscope, you should be presented with a box (file browser type thing). This should say open profile file in the top left corner. If you don't get this, go into Euroscope, Other set, and un-tick "auto load last profile on start-up." Close Euroscope and open it again and you should be presented with a box as abouth. In this box find UK-> Gatwick, click on Gatwick SMR and press open. You should now have the Gatwick SMR in front of you.

If your still having trouble I can be in the Vatsim-UK TeamSpeak , probably during the day, but definitely this evening if you need any more help.

Hope that's been useful.