Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Reuben Prevost 1279585
#515179 I have previously posted that I plan on placing a order for a custom vSTARS Keyboard. In order to make this purchase,
I would have to purchase 10 sets of the Keys along with the X-Keys XK-80 Keyboard.

Some of you have expressed interest in purchasing one of these.

The cost-per-unit is quoted at $291. 96.

Since the keyboard without the custom keys is $230, I would say that it is not a dramatic price increase.
I understand, however, that many will not want to pay almost 300 dollars for simulating. Just let me know
who's in so we can see if we can make this purchase.

Also... Spread the word. Let people in your ARTCC's know about this.

Price per unit is 291.96

Device Layout: