Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Florian Harms 841181
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Fellow VATSIM Controllers,
it is time to gather around for the longest event of the year:

Worldflight 2017
Nov. 4th 2200utc - Nov. 11th 0855utc

This year, we start in Sydney (as usual) and the event runs eastbound around the globe in 49 legs. In other words: seven days, 24h, with a group of pilots. We normally count 40-120 participants/leg.
Worldflight is a charity event. Every year, owners of fixed simulators (real cockpits) offer to use their setups by normal VATSIM pilots on donation basis. The doners can book cockpits.
All donations go directly and without any cuts to different charity organisations spread around the globe (where the sims are). More details here:

For the week, we need ATC controllers, the best of the best. And this is where you are wanted:

  • Are you holding at least an active S3 rating?
  • Did you control the last six months more than 50 hours?
  • Are you able to work in unknown areas with a short prep phase (normally less than 30 minutes)?
  • Are you really fluent in English? (This is needed to coordinate in an international controller team)
  • Can you live and survive on CHAOS traffic?
  • Do you have time during the event?

Then you could be exactly that kind of nerd we are looking for, simply the best among us controllers. And honestly, I should add that during previous events some controllers really found their maximum...

Okay, what do you need to do to join in?

Send me a mail. Yep, it is that easy. Send your application with:

  • Your name
  • Your ATC rating (just as info: INS or SUP is not your ATC related rating). If you are instructor, please add your last rating: S3, C1, C3.
  • your most liked controller position in your ARTCC/VACC you have manned the last six months
  • your time zone
  • your availability (as exact as possible).

Please send your application latest until Oct. 30th, 2017 to my mailadress: florian.harms [at]
DON'T APPLY HERE, I need a mail with your application.

I am really looking forward to live this adventure (again) with you. It definitely is a great week, and I might add: those who survived Wordlflight ATC are fit for nearly every ATC station... 8)

Best regards