Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Tim Simpson 1339557
#518873 I'm new to VRC and controlling....a lowly S1.

The alerts in VRC (pilot/ATC squelch, ATC to ATC, etc...) are earsplittingly loud when you have the volume set to be able to hear the pilots. I want to hear these alerts, but I don't want them to be so obnoxious.

The question is how do you guys set up your VRC and TS volumes to have: Audible TS communication with other controllers, be able to hear the pilots, and not have the VRC and TS alerts be intrusive.

I've yet to be able to strike that balance. Any guidance would be helpful. Screen shots would be awesome.


By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#518874 Use Windows' Volume Mixer to lower the VRC volume to a tolerable level for sound alerts. Use VRC's volume sliders in Settings -> Audio Devices to raise pilot volume as needed to compensate.

I also found the text chat "squelch" sound to be a bit harsh on the ears as compared to other sounds, so I replaced that with a softer beep-like tone.

EDIT: And for times when things get a bit chatty on TS, quick hotkeys to mute it or increment/decrement its master volume are helpful, too.
By Tim Simpson 1339557
#518875 Thanks for the quick reply!

Looking at the VRC manual, I didn't think the pilot audio could be raised separately from other sounds. I'll definitely check it out when I get home from work.

I've never really used TeamSpeak until I started down the controller rabbit hole. I didn't realize you could assign hotkeys like that to adjust the volume. I'll look into that too.

Thanks again!

By Ryan Savara 1369362
#518876 In the Audio Devices menu of VRC you can boost the audio level for radio traffic.

TeamSpeak has the same option, in the Output section, where you can adjust the master output level of the application. You can also right click a specific user and change their individual level.
By Tim Simpson 1339557
#518879 Didn't know about the right click on the user trick. Nice!

Thanks for the tips. I realize I'm asking basic questions, and you all probably feel like your teaching your grandpa to use his cell phone......LOL. But it's appreciated.