Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Zain Khan 1345074
#530506 Since my FIR, New Zealand Domestic (NZZC) and many other FIRs worldwide are adopting the technology of Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) in the real world, is there ever a possibility of implementing ADS-B simulation in radar clients like EuroScope or VRC by default?

As far as I know, only plugins like TAAATSMod for EuroScope v3.1d for VATPAC airspace can simulate ADS-B coverage but when using default EuroScope profiles like for example a SkyLine profile that I use to replicate the Lockheed Martin SkyLine system used inside New Zealand's two FIRs (NZZC and NZZO Oceanic), I can only go as far as Mode-S Professional Mode.

Can there be a possibility where we can simulate everything? (Primary Radar, Mode A+C radar, Mode-S Radar and ADS-B) all in one professional mode within EuroScope or VRC?

By Ross Carlson 887155
#530509 I guess it depends on what parts of ADS-B you would want to simulate. If you use VRC in the normal mode (not the "realistic" mode) then you will see every target's callsign in the datablock, even if they are not squawking their assigned code. This essentially simulates ADS-B's capability of broadcasting the aircraft identification.

We already simulate the accurate aircraft position information contained in ADS-B broadcasts, because the latitude, longitude, and altitude of every aircraft is sent through the server to the controller software. So we don't have the problem of positional accuracy inherent in real radar systems.

Same goes for the speed information contained in ADS-B. That is sent over the network as well.

What we cannot currently simulate on VATSIM is ADS-B's 1 second update rate. We are limited to a 5 second update rate currently, though there are plans to increase the update rate.

Note that I'm speaking from the perspective of the VRC developer and a VRC user. I'm not sure what Euroscope has for ADS-B simulation right now or what it may have in the future.
By Josh Jenk 1383451
#530512 At CZVR (Vancouver FIR), those who use euroscope have an option to use professional mode with everything you listed minus the ADS-B. I don't know all the details, but I believe our Facility Engineer has embedded this into the sector files (correct me if I'm wrong Richie :P ). More info can be found here:

By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#530517 Strictly speaking, Euroscope (and other clients) does ADS-C, since you can also receive all flight details when aircraft are out on the ocean...

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