Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Mark Wolpert 847924
#532494 I have the FSL A319 & A320 and I am trying to figure out how to send PDC to the aircraft ATSU. I am new to Hoppie but have it setup and also have the vSMR. Is there a way I can test this by logging in as controller and pilot on Vatsim. I know 2 connections is not allowed but perhaps there is a test login that can be used.

By the way if anyone has clear instructions on how to do this please post them! I have the PDF start guide on Hoppie as controller although it is not updated yet for FSL ATSU.
By Adam Turner 1262886
#532497 You are right in that you cannot have more than one connection at once. What is probably the easiest option is to find a controller who is offering Hoppie ACARS (you can see who is logged in here: You can PM the controller letting them know that this is your first time using the system - they will be happy to help! Controllers in the UK seem to have started using Hoppie ACARS quite a lot so you may have more luck there.
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#532499 German ATCOs are using PDC as well on a regular basis. Check out EDDF, EDDL..

Regarding your test: you can have only one connection to VATSIM at a time. But you can have multiple connections to the Hoppie ACARS server at a time! I am not 100% sure about the way that PDC has been incorporated into the FsLabs Airbus, so you may want to test the following: have you also intalled Hoppie's ATC CPDLC client? If yes, start it and set it up to be logged on with an airport code, e.g. if you would like to simulate a PDC-clearance from KJFK, use "KJFK" in the ATC CPDLC client. All this without connecting to VATSIM! Then, parallel to it, get your FsLabs Airbus and send a PDC-request to "KJFK" or rather insert a flightplan from KJFK to anywhere and then go to the PDC-page of the Airbus request your PDC. A message should popup now in your ATC CPDLC client and you can reply to it. The formatting in your reply will probably not be 100% accurate to what the Airbus needs to display the PDC properly, but you can see how it works. In vSMR you can NOT test it yourself, because vSMR requires both the ATC-side and the pilot to be actually connected to VATSIM with the pilot having a valid flightplan. Only then will it work.

So, either try it with the Hoppie ATC CPDLC client, or look for controllers that offer PDC (see the URL that Adam has provided), jump there in your FsLabs Airbus, file a flightplan from that airport and then send them your PDC-request.

If you need further help, please speak up, we are glad to help. In case you have not seen the document, you can also use my CPDLC Quick Starter Manual
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
Mark Wolpert 847924 wrote:My problem is I want to learn how to end the PDC as the controller.

What do you mean by "end the PDC"? How vSMR looks like in action?

EDIT: should this be the case, download the CPDLC Quick Starter Manual. The operation of vSMR is explained there on page 25.
By Mark Wolpert 847924
#532513 I type as badly as I text.....end should have been "send".

I have had a chance to read up and play around with things so I think I have it figured out now from both the pilot and controller side. I will log in to one of the German ATCO's this week and test it out on the A320.
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#532523 :P

Perfect. And in case you have not done it yet, check out the CPDLC Quick Starter Manual. I have provided detailed instructions on how to use vSMR with a PDC, including some potential pitfalls.
By Mark Wolpert 847924
#532530 I read it Andreas, the only thing I don't quite understand is the log in to the ATC channel. As a pilot do you just fill out the FMC and put in the ATC location as the 4 letter ICAO (or whatever the controller has in their notes) ? I am not sure what part of the log in you should not do in order for vSMR to be able to see the message? Thanks.
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#532543 Hi Mark,

when using vSMR, it is essential that pilots do NOT try to logon to your station. PDC is NOT a CPDLC-message, but rather a pre-formatted telex. That's why pilots simply need to fill in the required fields on the PDC-page and use the controller's logon-code as their address. The issue with vSMR is that it doesn't have a function for the ATC to reject accidental logon-requests by pilots and such requests will then stay pending for quite a while and you cannot issue a PDC until this has been resolved. If it happens, ask the pilot in question to re-start his CPDLC-client.

So, as long as pilots simply send their PDC-requests to ATCOs with the correct address, everything will be fine.