By Nick Marinov 1288524
Matthew Kulik 1427305 wrote:I have tried this but in order to do this I need to correlate them which I cannot seem to do when they're squawking standby.

Which correlation mode are you using? Easy VATSIM, Mode C or mode S (f you're not sure, it will be in Other SET->General Settings)?
By Michael Pike 812012
#536385 You can create a flight plan for any given callsign. If a pilot calls you and reports their intention, you can type the callsign in the status line and press ASEL. Then .am ASEL will work as above. You still don't know for sure which a/c it is of course because it's not identified.
This is quite advanced usage. If you're new to Euroscope, you may want to select Easy correlation mode to start with and all aircraft will automatically be correlated with a callsign regardless of pilot action. You still won't see the tag unless you tick "Show squawk STBY aircraft" under OTHER SET -> Display Settings.