By Anupam Bhatt 1016295
#183346 I dont know why but am not able to see the taxiways,aprons etc in EuroScope.
The sector file i am using is the same which i used for VRC and it worked fine in VRC and displayed me all taxiways rwy's etc.

The only error i see is "could not load sector file extension".

Any ideas on how can i enable taxiway display?
By Stephan Boerner 945550
#183348 the error means, that there i no .ese File for the current sectorfile. check

that it's not showing taxiways might have different reasons. Did you activate them? Maybe you activated too much at a time. ES can't handle as much things as VRC can at a time, so it might be that it just stopped showing them. (happens for example if I try to show every VOR/FIX/NDB in our sectorfile.) Or there might be a problem with the sectorfile format, again check the wiki linked above for that.
By Gergely Csernak 904331
#183352 Anupam,

Be sure to open the Other Settings/Display Settings dialog. There you can switch on/off items individually. As default (depends on how you defined your taxiways) they are not switched on.

EuroScope developer
By Anupam Bhatt 1016295
#183385 Thanks Gergely and Stephan for your response.
The key point here was "how we define the taxiways for a particular sector file".

Turning the GEO display "ON" brought the taxiways up on the display !

Thanks again for your help. The scope looks great, although not a "start it and you are all set" kinda thing :-D

Good Work !