By Lluis del Cerro 810821
#184708 Hi,

A couple of questions:

1. Some terminal areas have elliptic shapes defined by two circles joined by their tangent external points. If I define an area like this by:


Will ES understand it properly?

2. To define a SECTORLINE build by: 1) straight line A; 2) semi-circle; 3) straight line to origin of straight line A

Is there any shortcut like CIRCLE_SECTORLINE to draw a semi-circle or this must be built using geographical co-ordinates?


By Gergely Csernak 904331
#185001 Lluis,

Unfortunately I have to say no. There is no way to combine the circle and the coordinate option in one sectorline. In this way none of your tips will work. If you use CIRCLE_SECTORLINE all the coordinates are defined, no more is needed. Using the COORD you have to build your circle or semicircle part by defining points.

Bu I will put to the whish list this item too.