By Even Rognlien 1047601
#385920 Hmm, tried to open the link, but got a blank page with this:

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 786432) (tried to allocate 1245184 bytes) in /var/www/ on line 1818

Edit: Now it works! Great work, must be a fantastic tool for the oceanic controllers!
By Adrian Barnett 1037621
Even Rognlien 1047601 wrote:Hmm, tried to open the link, but got a blank page with this:

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 786432) (tried to allocate 1245184 bytes) in /var/www/ on line 1818

Edit: Now it works! Great work, must be a fantastic tool for the oceanic controllers!

The plug-in works GREAT!!!
By Stephan Boerner 945550
#401527 Hm, is there anything that needs to be done that is not in the documentation? I can load the plugin, I can open the options dialog, but no NATs displayed.
By Phill Powell 849479
#453060 Sorry to resurrect this thread.

I'm unable to register on NYARTCC site to list a possible bug.

This plugin works great, but if I use .natoptions it overwrites my ipaddr file.

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Euroscope 3.1d and Euronat ver 1.0

Apologies in advance if I've missed an update or a fix.

By Merik Nanish 1184142
#476978 It is my pleasure to announce a new version of EuroNAT plug-in is released today, which is compatible with EuroScope 3.2.

What is new?
Apart from being updated so it would work with ES 3.2, the plug-in has also been updated in the following ways:

  • It does NOT use a database anymore. All NAT waypoints are stored in memory, so the plug-in is only a single DLL file now, which is easier to maintain.
  • It uses the same data source as VRC to download the NAT tracks.

Where can I download it from?
Download the plug-in from:

Questions / bugs / feature requests
If you have found a problem with the plug-in, have a question about how it works, want to create a similar plug-in and would like to see euroNAT's source code, or would like to request a feature to be added, please reply to this thread.

Using euroNAT
To enable the euroNAT plugin, go to OTHER SET > Plug-ins... then click on Load to load the plugin. Then in the same dialog, to the left the Load button, find the row which has the title euroNAT and click on it. Next, in the box on the lower right side double-click on Standard ES radar screen so it would move to the box on the left, titled "Allowed to draw on types". Then hit the Close button.

By default, once you load euroNAT it will show eastbound and westbound NATs, but not the Concorde routes. You have two ways to change these (and other) settings: using the Options dialog, or using text commands.

To use the Options dialog, type .natoptions in the Message area (bottom of main EuroScope window) and press Enter. You can also type .natshow gui (both commands do the same thing). Then you can modify the options.

To modify the options using text commands, you can use the following commands:

  • .natshow east will only show the eastbound tracks (and hide the westbound tracks)
  • .natshow west will only show the westbound tracks (and hide the eastbound tracks)
  • .natshow all will show both eastbound and westbound tracks
  • .natshow none will hide both eastbound and westbound tracks
  • .natopt linestyle dotted will change the lines to dotted style
  • .natopt linestyle solid will change the lines to solid style
  • .natopt linestyle none will erase the lines (only NAT fixes will be shown, with no line in between)
  • .natopt letters show will show the one-letter identifier of each NAT (A, B, C...)
  • .natopt letters hide will hide the one-letter identifier of all NATs


Westbound tracks (using live data for today 6PM Zulu):

Eastbound tracks (using live data as above):

You also have the option to see the full waypoint names (55N50W) instead of short name (50W):

This screenshot shows the Options dialog for euroNAT, as well as the Concorde tracks (static, never get updated). In this case, NATs are shown as solid lines, not dashed lines (using the settings in the Options dialog):
By Mark Walsh 1228495
#477049 Merik,
Excellent work as always. Will try it out and see how it works.

Question though, these are obviously new tracks that commenced May 2014. Does the DLL grab the track data online or just the current and valid NAT letters? If the latter, are you aware of the tracks changing in their fixes along the way?

Regards, Mark Walsh - CZQM/QX
By Merik Nanish 1184142
#477375 Mark,

I have not been closely monitoring NAT data for long, so I cannot tell you how often the fixes change. But they do change quite often. During the few weeks since I started working on this plugin, they have changed a lot. Track "T" in the pictures above was LOMSU 50W 40W ... PIKIL SOVED"; Track T this evening is ALLRY 51/50 52/40 53/30 53/20 MALOT GISTI.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of Oceanic procedures is minimal; for instance, I don't know how Shanwick Center (EGGX) and Gander Center (CZQX) decide which fixes to use, how tracks are adjusted for weather and winds, etc.

And to answer the latter part of your question: yes, the DLL does get the entire NAT data from the internet. It uses live data.
By Alec Walker 916618
#478816 Hi Merik,

Sorry to be a pain but is there any chance that this can be release to comply with ES3.1d? I am forced to use that due to other plugins I use not being 3.2 compatible and it would be useful to be able to see the NATs!


By George Complin 1035799
#485293 Hi Merik,

I'm using version 1.2 of your plugin and the NAT track data seems very out of date. The site I'm referencing for accurate data is this one: I've tried the .natrefresh command but it doesn't seem to do anything - am I doing something wrong?