By Matthijs Pals 1260467
#486300 Hey,
Nice work on the plugin!

Is it also possible to change the font size of the fixes? If so, how? I would like to have them a bit smaller as they are a bit distracting. I already had a look in the symbology settings, but wasnt able to change it.

Thanks in advance,

By Merik Nanish 1184142
#486319 Not with the current version, no. However, I am working on a new version in which it will use the same font size and color that you use for other fixes.

The reason that version is not released already is because the source of NAT data (which is a VATSIM source) is outdated and I have asked for it to be fixed. If that doesn't get fixes, I might end up creating my own data parsing mechanism and release the next version altogether.
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#512449 Hi all,

Merik has given me feedback that he is no longer involved with VATSIM and that he also does not have time to maintain the plugin.

He was generous enough to share the source code of the plugin:

Would anyone here be able to modify the URL that the plugin uses to fetch current NAT data? An official source for tracks would be