By Magnus Meese 997444
#516952 This issue seems to be gone now for all beta versions, I believe the reason is I went ahead and ensured that my WIN user had full ownership of all system folders, using the registry trick to add "Take Ownership" to the right click context menu (google this, guides for both win7 and win10, but as with everything in OS setup, be very carefull and take backups).
By Daniel Rechberger 951459
#519730 Hey there!
First - EuroScope is a great vATC client - keep the work up!

I am teaching myself C++ (GNU at first, MS-variant later) and would appreciate a reasonable up-to-date documentation of the Plugin-API - anyone got a link?
I am also trying to access the WIKI of, and either load endlessly or get straight a 404-HTTP Error.