By Kieran Jones 1166371
#468477 Hi Guys,

So I like to do Private Simulator Sessions with my Students as i am only S2 I don't have access to Sweatbox. I have been using Hamachi to make proxy connections but for some reason it doesn't work anymore. I was able to do it a few months ago, i didnt need to port forward and everything worked like a charm. But now i can't do anything at all.

I start the "Simulator Server via Proxy".
I type in localhost as the Proxy Server.
Then I start the proxy connection then start the server. (The planes are then visible for me on the ground and everything works normally on my end.)
I tell my student to connect to "VATSIM via Proxy".
Then I give my student my IP from Hamachi so he puts that in the proxy connection and starts the server.
Then an error pops up saying "An invalid argument has encountered".

So that is what i have done months ago which worked and ive tried it again tonight and it wont work now.

Any help would be much appreciated!


By Sam White 1214219
#468497 I have heard of Hamachi doing so,e strange things to people's low level network configuration resulting in some programs such as TS3 and Skype not working. Do you have to use Hamachi? Why not just open port 6809 for external access (you may also need to forward it), and just connect in the way described here: ... _Simulator
By Kieran Jones 1166371
#468499 Hi,

I have already opened the ports, 6809 and 6810. Does it matter if i have set them both as TCP/UDP or do they need to be UDP only?

I read that page last night and still nothing works, i have tried with multiple people and they are struggling to connect to my private sessions.