By Pierre Ferran 1259058
#529149 Hi everyone,

I am slowly getting to writing "vSMR v2". It will contain the following main features, but the list is not fixed:

    New, simpler, C++17 codebase to encourage more participation
    New TOML format configuration file, a more human readable format than the current JSON
    Better testing and exception handling to increase stability
    Dropped MFC dependency (We'll see how long that last), as well as other old libraries
    Dropped Windows XP support
    Dropped vStrips support (at least initially)
    Faster, smarter rendering
    Better UI with more interactivity
    Better approach window functionalities
    Rewritten Datalink clearance system, to ensure consistency, compatible with current system but with ability to reply to wrong messages, such as log on requests which will be rejected automatically.
    Web configurator to allow for generating profiles quickly
    Update warning
    (MAYBE) Profile repository to allow for easy sharing of profiles

I have a few more ideas, but essentially I am still drafting the list, hence this post to ask any of you whether you would like to see anything changed or new features added, now is your chance to draft your xmas vSMR whishlist :D
By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#529248 Looking forward to V2.

I would like the labels to use the native labels from ES. Now that there are background colors available as well via ES, I think there is not much the SMR labels can do more than the ES ones. Except maybe the orientation of the label position.
Then I would like the plugin to use the ICAO_Airlines.txt file which is selected via the loaded prf file. A fallback should exist if this data is not available at all, so that a crash in this case is prevented.

That's all I have in mind for now. Happy to test when you need feedback.