By Matthew Moy 1288933
#488048 Bug report: If an aircraft connect with only text (tag= /t), but he is by voice, when I change it to voice or receive in ES, the tag stay with /t. But, if an aircraft connect with voice and he is in text, I change it in Euroscope and the tag change. It's only when the pilot connect with text only.
By Pavel Brodsky 982568
#488724 Bug report: when I assign stand number by clicking on the NOGT and write a number and confirm by enter, I am unable to change this later. Eg. I assigned stand 25 but then somebody connected on stand 25 so I wanted stand 26, but that is not possible to overwrite - I have to delete the old one and write a new one - quite annoying.

By Pierre Ferran 1259058
#502089 Exactly a year and one day after the last public beta, vSMR has been heavily updated, with new features, changes and bugfixes:
  • Runways can be either defined automatically by the plugin, or manually in the profile
    • Definition for both normal ops and LVP ops
  • Added realistic correlation option
    • Integrated with RIMCAS
    • Manual correlation & un
    • correlation
    • Automatic correlation based on squawk code assignment
    • Autocorrelation with squawk code blacklist & pilot squawk acceptance
  • Added QDM Select reference
  • Added distance measuring tool
    • Works in the approach windows and main radar screen
    • Unlimited number of tools
    • Activate it by clicking the "/" in the menu bar, then clicking on two aircraft symbols.
    • Remove a tool by clicking on the text information that appears
    • Right click the "/" button to clear all active tools
    • Click the "/" button again to cancel an ongoing selection
  • Automatic tag deconfliction
    • Option can be enabled or disabled
    • Tags will automatically move to try to not overlap each others
    • The deconfliction logic will ensure rotation of the tag in the correct direction
    • When enabled, manual tag movement is restricted to allow the algorithm to work
  • Added 'ssr' tag item, shows the current squawk code
  • Added 'dep' tag item, shows the assigned SID
  • Added 'sdep' tag item, shows a short version of the assigned SID (first 3 characters + last 2)
  • You can now add as many tag lines as you want
  • The two insets windows can be independently rotated, zoomed and filtered
  • Tags can be moved on the insets
  • Added predicted track lines (or "speed vectors") up to 5 minutes
  • Added interaction with vStrips
    • When using vStrips on the same computer as vSMR, gates/stands entered in vStrips will be shown in the gates tag
      items in vSMR
  • RIMCAS has been refactored
    • It is far more precise
    • It is faster
    • The IAW (Impending arrival window) can be customized in the profile, up to 300 seconds prediction and 5 seconds minimum interval
    • Detection of arrival aircrafts is more flexible, allowing the aircraft to not be perfectly centered on the extended centerline while still being detected
    • Two aircrafts going away from each others will cancel out RIMCAS alerts
    • A custom tag text color can be set when an aircraft triggers a RIMCAS alert
    • More realistic behavior in general
  • Tag actions are now all right click, with left click selecting the aircraft
  • Brightness control for labels, symbols and afterglow implemented
  • UI has been updated to be more reactive and user friendly
    • Mouve over a tag or symbol will cause it to highlight
    • Mouse cursor to change upon different actions like resizing and moving
    • Inset window buttons reactive to mouse over
    • Other small UI changes
  • Many bugfixes
    • Inset data & other options save to ASR, make sure you are using the latest EuroScope beta
    • Panning of the insets windows fixed
    • Crash on exit fixed in some occasions
    • All RIMCAS bugs fixed
  • Performance improvement and code cleanup
Please report any issues or bugs in the 'issues' section of the Github. Thanks for using vSMR!

Report issues here:
By Pierre Ferran 1259058
#512313 A new version has been released:

    Thanks to @LB767, fixed tag dragging issues and potential crash on RIMCAS stage 2
    Fixed other bugs due to deleting while iterating

Download it here:
By Pavel Brodsky 982568
#512575 Pierre, do I need to change anything in my old json file? When I just exchange the latest DLL in my Euroscope, I have euroscope crash when trying to close it. When I started .smr log I received no log file. Where should I look for it?

By Pierre Ferran 1259058
#513388 Hi Pavel,

Sorry for the late reply, it looks like there is indeed a crashing problem that I will investigate. If you could send me your log file that'd be great, sometimes the files pops up in the %APPDATA% directory, or sometimes in the EuroScope Documents directory somehow. Try to find there if you can!
By Pavel Brodsky 982568
#513646 What should the log file name look like? I am afraid there is no such log either in my APPDATA or in documents.