By Matthew Moy 1288933
#488048 Bug report: If an aircraft connect with only text (tag= /t), but he is by voice, when I change it to voice or receive in ES, the tag stay with /t. But, if an aircraft connect with voice and he is in text, I change it in Euroscope and the tag change. It's only when the pilot connect with text only.
By Pavel Brodsky 982568
#488724 Bug report: when I assign stand number by clicking on the NOGT and write a number and confirm by enter, I am unable to change this later. Eg. I assigned stand 25 but then somebody connected on stand 25 so I wanted stand 26, but that is not possible to overwrite - I have to delete the old one and write a new one - quite annoying.

By Pierre Ferran 1259058
#502089 Exactly a year and one day after the last public beta, vSMR has been heavily updated, with new features, changes and bugfixes:
  • Runways can be either defined automatically by the plugin, or manually in the profile
    • Definition for both normal ops and LVP ops
  • Added realistic correlation option
    • Integrated with RIMCAS
    • Manual correlation & un
    • correlation
    • Automatic correlation based on squawk code assignment
    • Autocorrelation with squawk code blacklist & pilot squawk acceptance
  • Added QDM Select reference
  • Added distance measuring tool
    • Works in the approach windows and main radar screen
    • Unlimited number of tools
    • Activate it by clicking the "/" in the menu bar, then clicking on two aircraft symbols.
    • Remove a tool by clicking on the text information that appears
    • Right click the "/" button to clear all active tools
    • Click the "/" button again to cancel an ongoing selection
  • Automatic tag deconfliction
    • Option can be enabled or disabled
    • Tags will automatically move to try to not overlap each others
    • The deconfliction logic will ensure rotation of the tag in the correct direction
    • When enabled, manual tag movement is restricted to allow the algorithm to work
  • Added 'ssr' tag item, shows the current squawk code
  • Added 'dep' tag item, shows the assigned SID
  • Added 'sdep' tag item, shows a short version of the assigned SID (first 3 characters + last 2)
  • You can now add as many tag lines as you want
  • The two insets windows can be independently rotated, zoomed and filtered
  • Tags can be moved on the insets
  • Added predicted track lines (or "speed vectors") up to 5 minutes
  • Added interaction with vStrips
    • When using vStrips on the same computer as vSMR, gates/stands entered in vStrips will be shown in the gates tag
      items in vSMR
  • RIMCAS has been refactored
    • It is far more precise
    • It is faster
    • The IAW (Impending arrival window) can be customized in the profile, up to 300 seconds prediction and 5 seconds minimum interval
    • Detection of arrival aircrafts is more flexible, allowing the aircraft to not be perfectly centered on the extended centerline while still being detected
    • Two aircrafts going away from each others will cancel out RIMCAS alerts
    • A custom tag text color can be set when an aircraft triggers a RIMCAS alert
    • More realistic behavior in general
  • Tag actions are now all right click, with left click selecting the aircraft
  • Brightness control for labels, symbols and afterglow implemented
  • UI has been updated to be more reactive and user friendly
    • Mouve over a tag or symbol will cause it to highlight
    • Mouse cursor to change upon different actions like resizing and moving
    • Inset window buttons reactive to mouse over
    • Other small UI changes
  • Many bugfixes
    • Inset data & other options save to ASR, make sure you are using the latest EuroScope beta
    • Panning of the insets windows fixed
    • Crash on exit fixed in some occasions
    • All RIMCAS bugs fixed
  • Performance improvement and code cleanup
Please report any issues or bugs in the 'issues' section of the Github. Thanks for using vSMR!

Report issues here:
By Pierre Ferran 1259058
#512313 A new version has been released:

    Thanks to @LB767, fixed tag dragging issues and potential crash on RIMCAS stage 2
    Fixed other bugs due to deleting while iterating

Download it here:
By Pavel Brodsky 982568
#512575 Pierre, do I need to change anything in my old json file? When I just exchange the latest DLL in my Euroscope, I have euroscope crash when trying to close it. When I started .smr log I received no log file. Where should I look for it?

By Pierre Ferran 1259058
#513388 Hi Pavel,

Sorry for the late reply, it looks like there is indeed a crashing problem that I will investigate. If you could send me your log file that'd be great, sometimes the files pops up in the %APPDATA% directory, or sometimes in the EuroScope Documents directory somehow. Try to find there if you can!
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#515246 Hi Pierre,

we keep on having problems with pilots who try to LOGON to PDC-stations, basically hanging up their CPDLC-clients. The only solution is that pilots need to restart their CPDLC-clients, which is not that great and takes time.

Have you had time to work on this already? It would be REALLY if ATCOs were able to automatically or manually reject those attempts to LOGON, otherwise this issue consumes a lot of time.