By Jacques Schenk 1332777
#490054 How can I increase the size of the taxiway annotations like W W7 etc.
(excuse me if I use the wrong term)
In Euroscope I went to Other Settings -> Symbology settings -> Ground network -> Taxiway but I can change collor, size etc, but nothing will change on the screen.
I managed to enable runwaynumbers and treir size but for taxiways it isn't working.
What am I doing wrong ?


By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#490114 That's why it is still best to have a ground chart readily available, either printed or on a second screen, if available.
By Thimo Koolen 1345135
Jacques Schenk 1332777 wrote:Yes it seems to be the free text indeed.
it looks like they used the wrong layer to put the taxiway annotations on, so now you can't change them independently from a lot of other text :cry:

Nah it's not wrong. It is just a type used in the sector files.

I increased the size of my free text as well. Gates are close to each other for me, but I really like this size!

By Wenjun Zhou 1297819
Grzegorz Skrzypczak 1357775 wrote:Another question about different colours of freetext. I saw on some airports that stand numbers have different colours. Is it possible to put some freetext in different colour?

You can do that with the [LABELS] section in sct file.


Code: Select all#define definedColor 39423

"P0" N040.04.24.560 E116.34.30.170 definedColor
"P1" N040.04.31.747 E116.34.29.551 definedColor
"P2" N040.04.45.419 E116.34.27.311 definedColor


Code: Select all[LABELS]
"P0" N040.04.24.560 E116.34.30.170 39423
"P1" N040.04.31.747 E116.34.29.551 39423
"P2" N040.04.45.419 E116.34.27.311 39423

Then you just need to enable Free Text - SCT2 in Display Settings of EuroScope. Just be careful that [LABELS] cannot be sorted into different categories in Display Settings like [FREETEXT].