By Pavel Brodsky 982568
#492324 Hello all,
I am struggling with a metar definition in ES. I have included four basic METARs in my scenario.txt:

Code: Select allMETAR:LKPR 210600Z 26004KT 9999 SCT015 OVC041 07/06 Q1019 NOSIG
METAR:LKTB 210600Z 32003KT  9999 FEW015 BKN050 08/06 Q1018 NOSIG
METAR:LKMT 210600Z 23005KT 9999 BR OVC034 07/06 Q1017 TEMPO 5000 BR
METAR:LKKV 210600Z 25003KT  9999 BR FEW003 SCT030 05/04 Q1019

When I connect this scenario to Sweatbox server, real VATSIM metars are displayed in the Euroscope (ignoring those I have put in). What is worse, when I start a local EuroScopeFsdServer.exe, I have NO metars in my ES - not the real time, or the ones from the scenario file. Quite disturbing for the student, who has to imagine a metar in this case.

Any solution? Forcing own metars to the local server would be the best - we could practise for a certain runway even if the real weather does not permit operating in this direction.

Best regards,
Pavel Brodsky
By Gergely Csernak 904331
#493609 The METAR command is not intend to replace the METAR data sent by the servers. At the moment it is used just to change the visible weather in simulated tower view. Do not expect more from it.
By Mark Nelson 1266047
#508247 Are there any plans to enable EuroScope to display METARs from here when using the FSD-Server?

It isn't the number one feature request I have for the simulator, but it would be benefitial to practice runway configurations you might only encounter on a couple of days a year.
Another use case I can think of is low visibility and paractice runway changes due to ILS CAT.
By Pavel Brodsky 982568
#508260 Exactly! This holiday we have re-current training of our Czech ATCos and one subject is TWR LVP training - but we send them metars via chat, because we simulate weather degradation so that the student has to identify the moment when LVP should start... Metar changes based on scenario time would be AWESOME!

By Mark Nelson 1266047
#508295 [quote="Pavel Brodsky 982568"]but we send them metars via chat/quote]
So do we. Sending it by chat makes them examine it differently though, as if they'd receive it as they would on VATSIM.

Therefore hoping the feature will come in due time as well. :)

By Gergely Csernak 904331
#508914 METAR definition is already part of the simulator as it is sent to FSX or P3D for weather display. I also updated the simulator to handle the wind part of the METAR when moving the planes. They are not yet part of the public version, but I will add them to the next one. The propagation of the METAR is then just a small thing.