By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#493881 After upgrading from V3.2(r4) to (r6) on my Win7 64bit computer, the zoom center position is no longer the position of the cursor although the function "Zoom center under the cursor" in the General Settings is activated as before. I had the DEactivate the function to have the desired functionality. It seems, this option has been broken with (r5) or (r6). Request to fix it to the previous behaviour with the next update. Thanks!
By Francisco Jose Rodriguez 1124443
#510745 Hello everyone.

I re-float this post again because I still have the same problem in all new versions of Euroscope and only works fine with r5 release and earlier. I've tried it with r6, r10 and r12 releases, but the same problem still appears: The "zoom center over the cursor position" function works correctly on monitor 1, where the main session is started, but does not work on monitor 2, where a second session is started via proxy. In the 2nd. monitor I get 5 or 6 zoom steps for each step of the mouse wheel and not centered over the cursor.

I have done several tests with r12 and prior releases and if I replace the CacheXDll.dll file with the one of version r5, the zoom works correctly on both screens, but Euroscope ends up failing and closes when using ATIS or some of the built in functions (contact me, get airport metar ....) but I supose that is caused for using the r5 version of CacheXDll.dll file with a new version on the rest of files. If screen sessions are exchanged, the problem persists only on monitor 2.

Any idea??

Ah !. I'm working on Windows 7-64 bit Enterprise edition

Best regards
By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#510823 I've noticed this error initially (don't remember which release) with W10. With a later release it disappeared, but was then in W7. So it looks like Microsoft did change something from W7 to W10 which makes the functionality not work the same way. For now, i just disabled the coresponding checkbox on my W7 installation which makes to zoom using the window center as reference. It's nicer if the center would be the cursor again, but at least it doesn't cause any unexpected behaviour.