By Michiel Blom 1216804
#508335 I would like to see 2 changes to the voice list.

1. i would like to be able to give a different color to people on my primary frequency OR the option to only show people on the primary frequency. When im listening in to tower as an approach controller i wanna be able to see whether someone is still on my freq or switched to tower.

2. i would like to see who's transmitting (maby highlighting the callsign). because its really annoying when people have an open mic and you can't tell who it is.
By Jonas Kuster 1158939
#508355 Also fully agree to the second point.

The first point is not important for me as I normally don't use the voice list because in real life you neither can't see who is on your frequency. :wink:
What I use instead is a different output for secondary voice channel so I'll hear those pilots f.e. on my speakers instead on my earphones.